About Zehra Zaidi

Zehra holds a Masters degree in Economics. Presently, she lives in Singapore with her family. ZZ wishes that: We took more chances, learnt more, did more, and gave back more. We have two lives, she says. The one we are living and the one we plan & dream of. The second one starts the moment we realize that we actually have only ONE life! So dream big, love, laugh, live your life to the fullest and enjoy the richness of your life experiences... It's not like you're getting out of this place alive! ZZ lives by the rule that one should: Never underestimate the power of desserts and caffeine fixes... coffee shots and cup-a- cha's! Whatever works for you...and of course, hugs are the best ! Zehra is an avid drama watcher and is pictured here with her 'bestie'.

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