Pakistan’s Burka Avenger launching in India on Zee Network

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The Emmy nominated and multi-award winning Pakistani animated TV series Burka Avenger, is set to launch in India on Zee Network this April. The episodes have been specially dubbed in 4 languages for India including Hindi, English, Tamil and Telagu.

Speaking about the launch in India, Deputy Business Head of ZeeQ, Aparna Bhosle said: “Burka Avenger is an amazing show; both in terms of quality of animation as well as storytelling. We are always on the lookout for shows with themes that are relevant to Indian children and we are very fortunate that we have this show. Each episode has a positive message with fun, action and comedy so that it does not come across as preachy. Burka Avenger has won many prestigious awards worldwide and it will be our honor to showcase it in India.”

Burka Avenger is an action-comedy animated TV Series that follows the adventures of Burka Avenger and three young kids in the imaginary city of Halwapur as they fight the evil Baba Bandook and his henchmen. Burka Avenger Season 1 and 2 is currently airing on Nickelodeon Pakistan daily at 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm.

Season 1 of the series has also been launched in Afghanistan where it is immensely popular with Season 2 set to launch there soon.

Burka Avenger is Pakistan’s first ever full length animated TV series. The series features Jiya as the inspirational school teacher and her alter ego, the super-heroine Burka Avenger. Her use of books and pens as projectile weapons is symbolic on many levels. The Burka Avenger fights for Justice, Peace and Education for all. With its positive messages of women empowerment, gender equity and importance of education particularly for young girls, Burka Avenger has the potential to be a positive role model for children worldwide Please see attachment for the Press Release.
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