Editorial Team

Rabia Mughni

Rabia founded FUCHSIA in 2013 with the help of a passionate, determined and aspiring team.

Farah Haq


“Farah’s flair for photography and her understanding of social media is vital in FUCHSIA’s function as an online magazine in a digital media age. Her in-depth association with the entertainment and fashion industries of Pakistan creates a wealth of PR and communication opportunities, keeping FUCHSIA coverage current and up-to-date. She aspires for FUCHSIA to produce top-notch multimedia content with an expertise in the entire range of mediums, and have an undeniable online presence in terms of both visibility and audience engagement.”

  • Founding member of FUCHSIA
  • Spent 10 years as a preschool teacher, with experience teaching in Karachi, and both Montessori schools and special needs education in Singapore.
  • Currently leads the social media coordination of FUCHSIA on Facebook and Instagram, in the areas of content management, brand management and digital media uploading and publishing.
  • Is Director of Photography for FUCHSIA’s photoshoots, video features, interviews and recordings.
  • Is lead for all FUCHSIA event coverage photography and videography.
  • Certified in Montessori Educational Approach, with training in special needs education and photography. 

Sidrah Ahmed


“Sidrah’s rare mix of social sciences and management expertise brings to the table a unique point of view on most issues. She often plays the devil’s advocate and challenges Team FUCHSIA to think differently. Her excellent command of language, and expertise in delivery and communications makes her apt as Chief Editor of FUCHSIA. She aspires for FUCHSIA to gain enough capability and credibility to tackle more meaningful issues and subjects going forward.”

  • Conceptualize topical and thematic content of FUCHSIA Magazine
  • Vet and edit articles and features for language and content
  • Employed in Singapore’s social service sector for 7 years, with 3 years in direct service and 4 years in public service planning and development.
  • Editorial and events management experience in a variety of publications and productions
  • Bachelor degree in Sociology from National University of Singapore and a Master in Business Administration from Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Shazia Saqib

“Shazia is determined to make FUCHSIA the number one publication that brings together people from all backgrounds. Her ability to reflect on sensitive themes challenges us to tackle community issues that need to be highlighted and brought to the forefront. Shazia believes that there is no issue that cannot be resolved through diplomacy and understanding…she manages to inject a sense of cool headedness to the flurry of activity at the center of Singapore, called Team FUCHSIA. She is the voice behind many of our social media posts – spirited, poignant, upbeat, or dramatic. Shazia will feel the vibe and give it back tenfold, with copy that resonates deeply within our readers”

  • Communications, Public Relations and Marketing Strategist. Copy Writer.
  • Shazia has worked in the telecommunications and education sector in Pakistan. She first moved to Singapore in 2011 where she set up a small scale online business and later, joined Team FUCHSIA as an editor and copywriter.
  • Shazia is now based in Basel, Switzerland and connects remotely with the team and FUCHSIA readers 24/7 through FUCHSIA’s social media feeds, website publications and Skype calls.
  • Shazia holds a BBA-MBA Degree from the Institute of Business Administration. She is also learning German and believes that her IB Diploma and 2 year stint at The United World College has helped form a lifelong relationship of thinking ‘Globally’ that transcends language, cultures, religions and nationalities.

Falak Amaar Khan

“Falak’s experience and expertise in fashion design is bolstered by a strong stand that fashion is an institution for every individual, regardless of race, religion or background. She also prides herself in both taking and creating opportunities to raise awareness of people and causes that are meaningful to highlight. Falak aspires for FUCHSIA to see major brand endorsements and international partnerships, being heavily involved in initiatives which help people worldwide.”

  • Worked as a Fashion Designer for 8 years in UK and 3 years in Singapore, with experience in holding runway shows for her own collections as well as organizing and choreographing broader fashion events in both countries.
  • Worked as a Radio Jockey at ARY UK, with experience in hosting live and recorded celebrity interviews.
  • Currently leads and supervises the conceptualization, creation, development and presentation of all Fashion content in FUCHSIA Magazine, including the supervision and coordination of contributing writers, models, photographers and other professionals.
  • Writes fashion- and community-related articles exploring noteworthy subjects, issues and ideas worldwide, with a special focus on social causes.

Saba Punjwani

A graphic designer by experience, Saba acquired her Bachelor in Arts (Pakistan) and Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Singapore). As a stay-home-mom, Saba felt she had to do more with her life, but without compromising on her role at home. When she was approached with the prospect of being on Team FUCHSIA, she didn’t think twice, and grabbed the opportunity. Now that she has moved to Saudi Arabia, she feels that no matter which part of the world she is in, FUCHSIA will always remain close to her heart.


Saba’s work with FUCHSIA makes her feel like time flies by when one appreciates and is fully content with their work.  She has been on Team FUCHSIA since day one, and has witnessed every toll it has taken since. As the only Graphic Designer on Team FUCHSIA, her key responsibility is to create ‘the look’ which readers are most attracted to. The colours, the clicks, the glitz and glam on the webpage and in the outlay of the articles is where I exhibit my magic. I will not take complete credit, though, as everything in FUCHSIA has always been a team effort.


This association with FUCHSIA has helped Saba excel both personally and professionally. She has found the learning experience remarkable, and it has made her push her limits to new levels, and realise her own hidden potential. “The events, the people, the shows – all bring their own challenges, which Team FUCHSIA has grown fond of. We have celebrated our achievements and grieved over our drawbacks altogether. Team FUCHSIA is like my second family and, believe me, it is not easy to juggle two families at the same time.” 


Looking back at the days when FUCHSIA came into being and how much it has grown since then makes Saba very proud. Saba currently resides in Saudi Arabia with her husband and two children.

Anila Azim

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