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FUCHSIA was started in 2013 by a bunch of Pakistani girls, some born in Singapore and others new residents of this city, with the objective of raising awareness of Pakistan. Being this far away from our very first and original home, we wanted to show the world different sides of Pakistan; the sides we love and cherish. We wanted to showcase the talents of Pakistan and all its hidden potential. Most of all, we want to represent the sides of Pakistan that it so uniquely Pakistani. With this, we also hoped to remind Pakistanis of the magic that is Pakistan. Over time, the objectives of FUCHSIA evolved as Team FUCHSIA realised we had more than one home, and our hearts beat for Singapore as well; Singapore, a kalaiedescope of races, religions, cultures and peoples. Our passions began to incorporate assimilation of the native and non-native. Today, FUCHSIA aims to cover Singapore and the larger region of South Asia in a fresh, interesting and positive way. . With articles on a range of topics and an array of writers and experts from different backgrounds, FUCHSIA has something for everyone.

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