Asia Omar

Asia Omar

Asia Omar has given our readers the latest Book Review, The Snow Child, for our June 2015 issue.

"FUCHSIA gives me a chance to rediscover my fascination with the written word."says Asia. She is mother to 2 boys and lives in Basel, Switzerland.

Asia holds an MBA Degree from the IBA, Karachi University. She has always enjoyed all things connected to reading and writing but has not had a chance to exercize this choice since motherhood took over!

Asia plans to apply her linguistic skills to learning German soon. She loves to read ( we look forward to more book reviews), enjoys gardening (she claims to kill more greens than grow them) and loves to bake.

Would she want to change anything about herself ? "No, not really, but adding a few more inches to my height would always be a bonus! "

Asia is "proud to be me". And lives by the motto: "Live and Let Live, and Carpe Diem!"